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Myspace - myspace articles

Getting Started On MySpace

Getting Started On MySpace

MySpace is an online community which offers members the tools they need to create a website for other members of the community to view. MySpace further hosts these websites and provides search features which enables visitors to find information about particular members or members who have certain hobbies.

Opening a MySpace Account

The process of opener a MySpace invoice is fairly walkover and takes place almost instantly. Members who wish to join the online community only have to provide some basic information and agree to the terms of service to be granted membership. The basic information which is required to request membership is a full john doe, a moving email address and a password containing alpha and numeric characters. After supplying this information and checking a box which states you agree to the terms of service your application process is complete. You are then sent an email with a greet letter and a link which will activate your account. You only need to click on this link and embrace your email address and password to activate your account.

Understanding the Terms of Assist

Reading and agreeing to the terms of service is required for membership to the MySpace community but members should reconsideration these terms regularly and should be sure they understand all of the terms. This is important because violation of these terms could result in the member’s account being deleted or legal action being fired against the individual. Some of the highlights of the terms of service are:

* Members must be at least 14 years of age and must report their age accurately.
* Members are responsible for keeping their password secret and reporting suspected cases of others using their password.
* Commercial use of MySpace is prohibited unless prior authorization from MySpace is received.
* Users must not publish any copyrighted materials on their website without permission.
* Members may not post content which is prohibited by the terms of service.

Designing a MySpace Website

The procedure of designing a MySpace website is one of the most exciting parts of membership for many. It is also one of the most complicated part of the membership. However, it is not incredibly difficult and even those with limited HTML or other design skills can create a great website.

MySpace members have a great deal of control over the appearance and content of their website. They are only limited by their own design skills. The homepage for your MySpace account features the following links:

* Edit Profile
* Account Settings
* Add / Edit Photos
* Cover / Pennies Videos
* Manage Calendar
* Manage Blog
* Manage Address Book

The “Edit Profile” section is the only which allows members to add the bulk of the content to their profile. This area is afflicted down into subcategories such as interests & personality, name, basic info, background & lifestyle, schools, companies, networking and profile songs. Some of these subcategories, such as the interests & complexion section, contain titles with text boxes where members can add text and HTML code to modify the appearance of their website. During the design process, members can preview either individual sections or the entire cut. Other sections, such owing to the inwardness and lifestyle section, have a series of questions where members can supply answers with pull down menus or radial buttons. These features make it easy for members to supply basic information about themselves in a quick and easy fashion. They only have to answer the questions and MySpace integrates the answers into the design of the website.


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